“EZ Music” now even better than ever as version 2.0 is released.

New price and fantastic value. Only €10. Wow…!!!

EZ Music 2.0

New Features.
EZ Music can now print out your sheet music and your song lyrics.

EZ Music now comes with full local and remote Networking. For example you may want to allow other users to all login at the same time so that you can share a piece of music you want to practice with them. Or you might simply want to work on your tablet database from your desktop.

Previously EZ Music had only two internal songbooks per database. “Live List” and “Archive List”. There are now 30 additional User Song Book per database. They can be freely renamed and are unlimited in the amount of content they can store.

The GUI has been updated changed so that song books are very visual folders now.

Full Drag and Drop is supported between song books. You can simply drag any song from one book to another with your mouse or touch screen.

A Clone song function has been added for those who will probably want to keep a copy of the same song in different Song Books.

A search function has been added that will allow you to find any song in seconds regardless of what song book it’s in.

When you create a new song, it no longer defaults Page 1. It stays on the setup page. I’ve also added a new menu so that no matter what your doing, you can create a new song in two clicks from any mode.

A “Keep On Top” function has been added so that you can’t accidentally minimise EZ Music during a live performance or have your view blocked by some other program on your PC.

Bug fixes, optimisations and much more.

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“SAM 02 – Planetary” is a new expansion for the vJD-800 that transports you to a completely new level. Into the world of futuristic, dreamy, relaxing, newage, ambient and otherworldly sounds. A place where endless inspiration comes from even the simplest sound.

Far removed from emulating the sounds of the past, Planetary takes things to a completely new level far beyond the original concept of emulating the past, and takes you far into the distant future of dreamy relaxing sounds.

SAM 02 - Planetary

A place where simply playing Chords will relax you and take you into the dreamy world of newage, ambient and otherworldly sounds.

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vJD-800 – Now Available

VST – PC32/64bit / MAC / Logic AU

vJD-800 Screen Shot

The vJD-800 is a new VST which is designed to allow us to emulate predefined sounds from the once famous JD-800 of two decades ago. This VST has also been designed to be compatible with our new SAM expansions, meaning that additional content can be purchased for the VST which will greatly expand it’s range of sounds over time.

SAM-01 Preload (1.83GB) comes included with the VST, and additional SAM expansions will be made available very soon that will take the vJD-800 well beyond emulations of the original JD-800 into completely new area’s of Newage, Ambient, Pads and Soundscapes.

VST Compatibility. Win 32bit / 64bit, Mac, Logic AU

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Just a quick update to announce that the D50 Emulation has been updated to include AU (Logic)

As of now, the download comes in all the following format.
KORG KRONOS, PC 32bit & 64Bit, Mac, and AU (Logic) format.

D-50 Emulation now VST compatible


Previously I released an emulation of the D-50 in KRONOS format which was priced as a non-profit download.

Great news is, thanks to those who supported this project, I’m delighted to say that for no extra cost I can now add both a PC and MAC VST edition to the original KRONOS download.

Those of you who have supported this project by purchasing the KRONOS edition, you will receive an email over the next 24 hours allowing to download the VST editions for free.

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Stylophone VST – Free Download

Hi all.

Here’s a little free download for you. It’s an VST Emulation of a Stylophone.

It has controls that allow you to adjust vibrato depth, amount, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Reverb, Pan and Master Valume.

Supports 32bit and 64bit hosts.

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EXs-91 Acoustic Guitars for the KRONOS has been released.


“Acoustic Guitars” is an exciting new sound library for the KORG KRONOS Music Workstation. It contains 64 Program sounds and is powered by 1GB of highly detailed Acoustic Guitar multisamples.

Recorded in Ireland at the renowned Irish Acts Studios (owners of KORG FORUMS), the highest model acoustic guitars from different leading manufactures were obtained and recorded in one of the most controlled environments imaginable. This allows us to provide you with unparalleled clean recordings, and all with full stereo mic placement.

With attention to detail being key, great care was taken to capture every single note of each guitar while also recording additional layers to allow for sliding notes naturally up a semi-tone.

For more information, please visit KORG’s online store by click HERE

Free VST – Piano & Strings

Created by Irish Acts, “Piano & Strings”.

VST Piano & Strings

There are 3 stereo layers to the sound, and each sample is stretched no more than a single semi-tone up and down from it’s root note. All the samples stream so memory usage is kept to a minimum. Comes in Windows  32bit and 64bit and it has 128 notes of poly. Windows only right now, but I will release a Mac version very soon.




You will need the following serial number to activate it.