A new sound library expansion for Infinity has been released.

For more information please CLICK HERE

Please note that if you are purchasing this expansion and you are already an “Infinity” user, please download Infinity again from the store as it has been updated to fix a bug that caused the Strings button to function incorrectly.

Hi everyone.
All those who purchased the original vJD-800 and any of the original expansions for it should have by now received an email giving you access to a free update / temporary link. As the vJD-800 in it’s current format is now discontinued, this temporary link gives you access to the new “Infinity” versions.

If you have not received your update email yet, please use the contact form to let me know.

Kind regards

A 2 Billion Pixel view of Waterford City during the Tall Ships Festival.

Waterford City & Tall Ships

Easily the largest and highest resolution photo ever taken of Waterford City, and even better again, it was taken during the Tall Ships festival. This interactive application allows you to zoom into an amazing panoramic image of Waterford that was captured with a Robot at an eye watering 2 Billion Pixels. Zoom into Ballybricken and you can see right in the window of a Bus. Zoom to Grange Heights and clearly see the water tower. Or maybe you will find friends and family down on the Quay as they walked around looking at the fantastic ships.

For more information please visit Google Play Store.

Fixed a broken link to the demo version of EZ Music

This weekend all those who have purchased the original vJD-800 will start to receive an email giving them a free update to “Infinity” editions (aka Astral-880) and any expansion libraries they originally purchased. If for some reason after Monday you did not receive an email with the update instructions, please let us know.