Infinity for the Mac OS has been upgraded to version 3.0.4.
Framework updated, improved compatibility with hosts.

A new version has also been added to the Windows line up with VST3 support.

The Mac version of “Infinity v3” has been updated to resolve issues introduced by Apple in the latest version of Catalina. Please download the latest version of Infinity if you are effected by these issues.

There is no need to re-download any expansions you may have purchased as changes to Infinity v3 for Catalina are only related to the AU and VST3 engine itself.

All 8 Expansions Libraries are now available for Infinity v3.

In addition to this, an option now exists to save 45% on the entire collection by buying the complete collection as a bundle. See HERE for more information.

Information for existing users of Infinity.
If you have previously purchased an expansion for the older version of Infinity, please upgrade now to the latest version of Infinity v3 for free. A free update also exists for any expansions you purchased. Simply revisit your original download link as it is active and contains a free update of any expansions you purchased.

All expansion libraries for Infinity have been converted to Infinity v3 format and will be released for download tomorrow.

Please check back here tomorrow for release notes and upgrade instructions.

It’s with great pleasure we announce that Infinity v3 has been released as a free download.

Infinity now comes preloaded with factory presets.

Infinity v3


“Infinity” (v3.0) is the latest version of Infinity. Our VST/AU that’s can morph in appearance, function and sound based on what sound expansions are current loaded.

Important Note:
If you own an expansion library for Infinity v2, please do not load the v2 expansion into version 3 as all v2 expansions are currently not compatible with Infinity v3. All expansions are currently in the process of being upgraded and will be made available made available for Infinity v3 version shortly.

Please check back here for information on when the expansions have been upgraded. At that point you will be able to use your original download link to access the updated expansion for free.

And yes, it is perfectly ok to install both Infinity v2 and Infinity v3 on your PC/MAC at the same time during this process of transition.

It is with great pleasure I can account that we have just released a new expansion for the KORG KRONOS, EXs-93 “CONTINUUM”

This expansion is available directly from KORG.
Click Here – Direct Link

Experience lush delicate simple pad sounds with an organic feel of simulated Analog, to complex evolving textures. Perfect for the foundation of any song or atmosphere. Continuum contains 128 PROG sounds, 1.38GB of PCM data, and requires 111MB of Virtual Memory.

Demo Video

This download is for the “Oculus Rift” Virtual Reality developers kit (DK2)

vr-mvwOculus have recently just approved an App that I’ve written for the Oculus Rift. To download this, please visit Oculus Share.

My Virtual World is a VR “Audio Visual Experience” where you are presented with an original song, an animated photography slideshow, and all while immersed in a VR world that’s very relaxing.

Plasma type gas fills the air displaying lovely colours, while particles float away in 3D. To your left and right the audio is measured on a Level Meter, and directly behind you is a full spectrum scale.


A5000S (PRE03) for Infinity.

A new expansion for Infinity has been released. PRE 03 –  “A5000SA5000S”.
Designed to emulate the classic sounds of Additive Synthesis from the 90’s using. Powered by 4.5GB of PCM data optimised for streaming and offering 140 Sounds. For a video demo and more information please CLICK HERE.

Note for existing Infinity users.
This expansion requires Infinity v2.0. Please see the following for upgrade instructions.

Infinity v2.0

  1. Improved disk streaming.
  2. Improved Audio Engine.
  3. Super low CPU usage.
  4. Fixed a rare timing issue that under certain conditions caused random clicks in loop points on certain systems.
  5. ASIO4ALL optimisations.

It is strongly recommended that all users of Infinity upgrade to the latest version in order to benefit from the improvements. To install, simply overwrite your existing installation of Infinity with the new version.

Over writing your old version of Infinity will not overwrite your installed libraries. They will be instantly available in the new version of Infinity when you launch it, and you will instantly benefit from the upgrade without the need to make any changes.

Click Here to download Infinity of free.