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CGI Gallery Opens


The CGI Gallery Opens.
See fun fantasy CGI scenes, and more serious actual Concept Design work of products.

Click on the image above to go to the gallery.

5 Original Music Videos

5 Beautiful and original music video’s have been added to the Gallery.

All the music, performance  and photography is the original work of James Tubbritt

Click Here to see the complete list of Video’s.

Passage East at 1.35 Billion Pixels

IA-Studio is delighted to announce that another HD+ Deep Zoom images has been added to the Gallery.

See Passage East at a crazy 1.35 Billion Pixels.
Click HERE to load the image.

Don’t forget to book mark this site. Many more images will be added soon as well as other content your sure to enjoy.

Deep Zoom Gallery – First of many.

The first image of many to come has now been added.

Thanks to advanced Robotic Technology, IA-Studio is proud to present a view of Waterford City during the Tall Ships Festival at a eye watering 1.2 Billion Pixels.

Yes… you read it right.
1.2 *Billion* Pixels.

Also feel free to check out the Services Page. If you have an event you would like to have us immortalise forever for you at insane resolutions, then our Robot is read and waiting.

360 Gallery Fully Open.

The 360 Gallery is now fully open.
See virtual tours of locations at ultra high resolutions of 260+ Mega Pixels each. From the very successful Winterval Festival to Dunmore Harbour.

Coming soon very soon.
Yamaha Tyros 2 sound libraries, Deep Zoom Robot Gallery and much more. Check back soon.

Additional 360 Update.

4 additional 360 degree tours have been uploaded to the 360 Gallery.

Highly recommended is the tour of Waterford Crystal Showrooms. Explore the showrooms in Full HD and through a series of 9 different locations from within.

Click HERE to see the current 360 degree locations available.

360 Degree Gallery Update

IA-Studio is delighted to announce that the 360 Degree Gallery is now under construction and the first two images are now online.

Please check back over the next few days for many more images.

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Shopping Cart – Notification Emails

Hi everyone.

A very random issue by where the server would send out a blank email instead of an email containing the links to the items you purchased for download has been found and resolved.

I have since contacted all those who have paid for an item to verify that they have all received the item they purchased.

Those who have tried to download free items may have also experienced this problem too. If you were effected, please proceed to download the free item again.

The issue has been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Kind regards