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Interactive Panorama (Download Offline Edition)

By Popular Demand.
The 1.2 Billion Pixel Panoramic view of Waterford City during the Tall Ships Festival is now available to purchase as a computer program you can run directly on your own PC.

This is a totally unique and historical important view of Waterford City. At 1.2 Billion Pixels, no other such photo of Waterford exists.

No internet connection required.
Totally new engine for faster redrawing.
Greatly reduced load on your PC.
A totally unique and historical view of Waterford for you to own forever.

Now available on the Computer Software section of the shopping cart.

Click HERE

Edmund Rice Church 360

See the splendid Edmund Rice Church in glorious 360 degrees, and at ultra high resolutions.

Please note, you must view this image on a PC / Mac to see it at it’s full resolution. If you are viewing this on a Smart Phone or a Tablet, the image will be displayed in standard definition due to the limitations of such devices.

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