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My name is James Tubbritt, and I live in Ballygarran, Kilmeaden, Co  Waterford. I’m 37 years old, and married to Christine Tubbritt. We have  two beautiful kids, Faye aged 9, and Lana aged 6 who we gave up  performing live on stage for. So for those who know the name “Be Sharp”,  well that’s us.

I guess you could say that my music career started  started when I was about 4. It was a sports day in my school Scoil  Lorcain in St. Johns Park, Waterford, and we won. As my prize, I got a  plastic whistle that was packed full of bubblegum. Not at all the sort  of thing you would dare give a 4 year old these days, but back then, it  was a real treat. Not long after getting that, I had bubblegum all over  my face, and I was walking home with my brother John playing playing  twinkle twinkle little star. Guess my parents Joan and Paddy obviously  saw I had music in me, so they bought me my first keyboard. It was a  Bontempi B1. By this time, I was going into first class in Mount Sion  where I got to meet Liam Walsh who was a teacher there, and the musical  director of the Mount Sion Silver band. After playing a few notes for  him and getting to blow into a Cornett, he took me on and placed me into  the band. It was there and over many years that I learned to play all  the instruments, as well as read and write music.

Looking back now, I can really see how much this  changed my life as a lot of my music now is based on the teachings of  Liam and two of the Christian Brothers there.  Brother Davit, and  Brother Heffernan. Liam and Brother Davit gave me the skills to read and  write, while also understanding the technical aspects of music and the  importance of dynamics. Where Brother Heffernan feed my desires for  technology and electronic music. Mix those together and add a few years  of life and my own discoveries, and you get the music I’m offering here  today.

I’ve always been very active here in my home  town, but from a side that would not generally be known to the public as  I created hundreds of backing tracks for local bands, and programmed  countless keyboards. So while you would have heard me through someone  else’s performance, you probably don’t actually know me. Even when  Christine and I played as “Be Sharp” we tended to play more in  nightclubs up the country than local venues. Although many of you will  probably know Christine from our many years onstage in the Theatre Royal , Tops of the Town, and her years working with Denny Corcoran  in Panto.

It is my hope with the launch of this free CD that I  introduce myself to my local community and the people of Waterford.  Maybe even let people from all around the world know about our City, as  online, I’m very well known all over the world (online name Sharp) due  to my work in the KORG community.

So with that all  said, I’m proud to present to you 2 years of my hard work, and a  lifetime of my emotions compacted into a 13 track CD. Titled Leanbh Mo  Chroi, I sincerely hope you enjoy this free CD.


Leanbh Mo Chroi

Track 01 – Ar Dtus (Beginning)
Track 02 – Leanbh Mo Chroi (Child of my Heart)
Track 03 – Aister Farraige (Voyage)
Track 04 – Oiche Shamha (Halloween)
Track 05 – Banphrionsa Faye (Princess Faye)
Track 06 – Onorach (Honourable)
Track 07 – Aislingeach (Visionary)
Track 08 – Tirghrathoir (Patriot)
Track 09 – Neamhai (Celestial)
Track 10 – Aoibhinn (Enchanting)
Track 11 – Cainteach (Vocal)
Track 12 – Athaontaigh (Reunite)
Track 13 – Cleopatra (Cleopatra)

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