Piano Evolution

Piano Evolution is an exciting set of new piano sounds for your keyboard that are powered by 32MB of high quality stereo Concert Piano samples that span the entire range of your keyboard. Thanks to Piano Evolutions dual layer multisamples, the sound will respond in great detail when played even with the slightest touch, right up to the most dynamic heights. Carefully chosen samples, and precision looping guarantee a flawless performance every time.

Piano Evolution Demo Area (Click to download a mp3 demo)

Piano Evolution – Concert Hall 1

Piano Assault now free with each copy of Piano Evolution sold. For Pa1X and Pa800 users only.

Steinway Soft
Steinway Bright
Steinway Solo
Great Balls
Rock Piano
Ghost Piano
Piano S-JX

Piano Evolution Compatibility.
Pa1X, Pa1X Pro, Triton Classic, Studio, Extreme, Rack, Le and TR compatible. In all cases 32MB of sample RAM must be installed. LE and TR users do not need the sampling option installed, but you do need 32MB of RAM installed.

Free Bonus: Piano AssaultĀ Compatibility.
Pa1X, Pa1XPro and Pa800.