Infinity “SAM 04 – Piano Module”

“SAM 04 – Piano Module”
A new expansion for Infinity.

SAM 04 - Piano Module

Piano Module is a new expansion for Infinity that adds a selection of sounds that you would traditionally expect to find on a Digital Piano, but for a fraction of the cost of a new digital piano.

Demo Video

Powered by 1.16GB of. Piano Module is idea for performance live on stage, at Worship / Church, and practices. As with all Infinity expansions, the CPU usage is extremely low and with great performance. So much so that Infinity is ideal even for portable solutions like running on Tablet computers.

Sound List.
Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Upright Piano, Electric Grand, E-Piano 1, E-Piano 2, E-Piano 3, Church Organ, Organ 1, Organ 2, Organ 3, Organ 4, Choir 1, Choir 2, Choir 3, Christmas Holiday, Strings.

Dedicated sensitive controls that allow you the change the touch response sensitivity, making it easier to reach the lower of higher dynamics of the sound as needed. Dedicated Strings button allowing you to layer in Strings to any selected sounds, as well as separate volume control and release. Reverb, master release (separate from strings), master volume, and program up and down. Program changes can also be made by clicking on the LCD display.

Uncompressed Piano Module contains 1.16 GB of data