Infinity “SAM 01 – Style a Fone”

Style a Fone for Infinity is a highly detailed emulation of a classic instrument from the 70’s. This emulation not only faithfully recreates that classic sound, it captures the hearth of the instrument and gives you total control to go even further.

SAM 01 - Style a Fone

On the original instrument touching the contacts with a Pen process it’s own tapping noise, as does removing the pen when the circuit board tries to cut the sound. In Style a Fone, you have separate volumes knobs to control the level of those artefacts in the sound.

The original instrument also didn’t initially produce a clean stable tone when the circuit was charged,  different patches in Style a Fone faithfully produce this effect, as well as providing you with patches which are totally clean and stable. It also emulates the 3 different tones, with and without natural vibrato.

SAM 01 - Style a Fone Patch List

Then there was the speaker on the instrument itself which added life to the sound itself. This has also been faithfully emulated, as well as direct line audio straight off the circuit board for a very clean sound.

Additional functions include the ability to select a straight tone and create your own level of Vibrato which the original instrument couldn’t do. As well as ADSR, and Reverb.

In short, “Style a Fone” for Infinity offers the most authentic emulation of the original classic, and gives you amazing control for added authenticity with modern benefits beyond the original design.