Secret Pal – Single Licence

Secret Pal – Single Licence Edition.

Communicate in secrecy with friends at work by email, online, at Face Book, discussion forums or any social networking site. Secret Pal is a program that takes your typed text and encrypts it using an encryption key of your choice which you can pass onto your friends. You friends can then in turn use that encryption key to decode your messages and continue communication with you encrypted.

Secret Pal
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Q: I emailed a message to my friend and when they decoded the message some of it did not read correctly.

A: When deciding on what encryption key your going to start using, it is advised that you make a test email and send it to yourself to see if the encryption returns unaffected by the system you posted the message through. If your test email looks fine decoded, then the encryption key is compatible with that service your communicating with and all future emails using this key will be unaffected. If the test email does not look ok, then simply pick another encryption key and try again. This also applies to online forums, Face Book, Bebo or any online system that are not in direct control of Secret Pal.

Q: I picked a new encryption key and typed a message, but when I press the button to encrypt the text I got an error message.

A: Simply press OK and pick another encryption key as the number you are using is producing letters that are known to not transfer across standard text based systems online.

Q: The email button in Secret Pal does not work.

A: To send and email you need to have an email account on your PC. Secret Pal automatically configures itself to send email though the default account and application on your PC, so if you cannot send email, then you don’t have an email account on your PC.

Q: I don’t have an email account on my PC, I use Google Mail or one of the other popular online email systems. What can I do.

A: You have two options here, you can simply copy and paste the encrypted text into your online email and send it that way, or you can turn on the POP3 settings in your online email account. With Google Mail for example you can go to your accounts settings, click on the option to turn on POP3 and then follow the instructions there for setting up your email account to work with the default email application installed on your PC. You don’t have to change how you check your email, but if you add the pop3 settings from Google Mail to your default email application on your PC, Secret Pal will automatically start sending email directly though your online Google Mail account.