For the first time ever, OASYS ASSAULT is now available as an instant digital download, and now at a even better price, saving you 40 Euro.

Head on over to the shopping cart HERE for more information and demos.

KRONOS users, if you would like to purchase KRONOS ASSAULT (EXs90), please head on over to KORG USA’s official shopping cart to purchase a copy direct from KORG or to check out the demos. Just click HERE and then on the Irish Acts Libraries Tab.

Windows OS – Shopping Cart Updated

The new shopping carts has been populated with some Windows Apps.

Some free, some pay for downloads.

Integra Search. (free download)
A content manage program for Roland Integra 7 users.

A Sample Library KSC Generator for the KORG OASYS. This tool is meant for use only with the KORG OASYS library OASYS ASSAULT. (The OASYS ASSAULT sample library will also soon be available as a digital download in the next few days. No more shipping DVD’s, and because of that the price will be reduced)

Budget Buddy. (free download)
This is a great little program for anyone looking to manage their home finance. The idea’s for this program come straight from peoples sugestions, where easy of use and a simple and very visual interface is important.

Secret Pal single and 10 multi pack licence.
Secret Pal is meant to be a fun program for those wishing to communicate with friends in private on social media sites, emails, or at work. Simply enter in a secret pin number, and everything you type into the program gets scrambled into unreadable text. You then send the message to your friend who you have shared the secret pin number with, and they can unscramble the message.

All now available in the Windows Apps section of the shopping cart HERE.

Integra Search


IA-Studio is proud to announce the releases of our free program for the Roland Integra 7. Integra Search is an application for quickly cataloging all the sounds inside the Roland Integra 7, as well as your own custom patches. Integra search allows you to quickly find any patch your looking for, and it’s MSB+LSB values. You can even generate printouts of groups of sounds, factory sounds, or your own custom patches.

Click on the images to view them larger.

integra-search1 integra-search2

integra-search3 integra-search4
Free Download
Size 13.7MB
Window XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8

To download a free copy click HERE to go to our shopping cart.

Check out my video showing a second solid state drive installed inside the KORG KRONOS. Please note that if you are doing this upgrade yourself, note that the factory drive must be connected to port 0, and that your drive must be connected to port 1. The length of the cable used is 18 Inches.

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Leanibh Mo Chroi

Enjoy an original tune written and performed by James Tubbritt. Photography also by James Tubbritt.

Roland Integra 7

IA-Studio purchases a new  Roland Integra 7 sound module. Here’s a video of it in action after spending a few days getting to know the unit. It’s a great unit to work with. Very pleased with the results.


A demo song showing EXs90 for the KORG KRONOS in action. This library can be purchased online worldwide direct from KORG USA right now. It contains 128 Program sounds powered by over 840MB of new Sample Data. Created by James Tubbritt, also known as Sharp from KORG Forums.

Why not download a demo version and install it on your KRONOS. Try before you buy. Simply go to https://www.korg.com/kronosSoundLibraries and click on the “Irish Acts Libraries” tab.

My Virtual World

Irish Acts Recording Studio is merging with “My Virtual World”.



Using the latest robotic technology and high definition cameras, My Virtual World presents a view of Ireland which is truly remarkable. See images at super high resolutions which are billions of pixels in size. Over the next few days, my Virtual World website will merge with our website here, so there will be a lot of new content and as you can see, we are redesigning the entire website to cater for the merger.

New Site Comming soon

Hi all.

IA-Studio website is currently unavailable as it’s been redesigned.
Please check back soon.